Kim van Alkemade


Orphan #8

Historical novel available now from William Morrow

“His Amy Hours”

Finalist for the CutBank 2011 Montana Prize in Fiction

“Buddha Tattoo Romance”

Essay published in SoToSpeak, Spring 2011

“Resting Place”

Essay published in Alaska Quarterly Review, Spring/Summer 2009

“Severance Pay”

Winner of the CutBank 2008 Montana Prize in Nonfiction


Essay published in The Rambler, January/February 2008

read a PDF excerpt from “Hitching”

“Spinster Punk”

Winner of the SoToSpeak 2007 Nonfiction Contest

“Orphans Together: A History of New York's Hebrew Orphan Asylum”

Paper presented at the 2006 Biennial Scholars Conference on American Jewish History, 5–7 June 2006, Charleston, SC

read a PDF of “Orphans Together”

“Forgotten Fathers”

Essay published in Proteus: A Journal of Ideas, Fall 2002